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Food Safety

Peppers being sliced by handYou take it for granted when you eat out, buy food in the shops or restaurants that the food you enjoy will not do you any harm. Have you ever given a thought as to why you can be so confident?

The task of ensuring restaurants, cafes, caterers and takeaways serve only food prepared under the best possible hygienic conditions falls to us; we are responsible for enforcement of the Food Safety Act 1990 and associated legislation.

We are responsible for registering and inspecting all food premises, and assessing them for hygiene and food safety standards.

A big part of our job is educating and encouraging businesses to follow best practice. As well as hygiene training we run initiatives such as Safer Food, Better Business, which is aimed at instilling high standards.

We also run the national Food Hygiene Rating scheme, which allows consumers to find out about the food hygiene standards of local food businesses.

Download our Annual Food Plan 2017-18 [pdf] 542KB

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Useful web links for food businesses

Download our list of useful web links for food businesses [pdf] 73KB.

What's the difference between 'best before' and 'use by' dates?

Watch this handy video explaining food dates.

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