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Donate to Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

Holocaust Memorial Day Trust (HMDT) works with organisations around the UK to help hundreds of thousands of people commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) each year.  Throughout the year HMDT provide engaging opportunities for people to learn about the past, empathise more with others and take action.  Their work is guided by five organisational goals, which help to fulfil their mission to enable people of all backgrounds to learn from genocide – for a better future:

    1. To promote Holocaust Memorial Day across the UK
    2. To support individuals and organisations across the UK in marking Holocaust Memorial Day
    3. To commemorate and increase understanding of the Holocaust, Nazi Persecution and subsequent genocides, and what can occur post-genocide, through the life stories of those who suffered and were murdered in them
    4. To enable others to work towards a safer, better future by
        • Promoting a society free from hatred, prejudice and persecution and
        • Working to reduce the likelihood of future genocide
    5. To be a financially sound, effective organisation

HMD is a time not only to remember people who were targeted during the Holocaust, Nazi Persecution and more recent genocides, but also to stand in solidarity with those facing identity-based persecution today.  Our world often feels fragile and vulnerable.  Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar, escaping persecution but are forced to live in temporary refugee camps in Bangladesh.  In China, Uighur Muslims have faced a systematic degradation of their human rights, with brainwashing camps designed to strip away their distinct cultural identity.  Closer to home, minority communities are feeling under threat, with abuse targeted at Jews, Muslims, Roma people, members of the LGBT+ community and others.  Home Office statistics released in October showed an increase in hate crime recorded in England and Wales in 2018/19.  HMD is an opportunity to explore these challenging situations, with many people going on to take meaningful action to support those facing discrimination and hostility.

You can read about the impact of the HMD Trust’s work in the HMD2020 review booklet.

Your donation will help the HMDT reach even more people throughout the UK to create a better future.  To donate to the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust go to the HMD donation page.

“I hope people can realise how far mankind can sink if they are not careful.  We must learn that freedom is for everyone.  We are not all the same, but that should be celebrated.  We need to stand together against oppression.  This is the most important message I can give anybody” Ian Forsyth MBE who helped to liberate Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, speaking alongside Mala Tribich at the UK Ceremony for HMD 2020.