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What we aim to achieve

The main aims of this strategy are to:

Redesign our processes to put the resident first and to provide a better experience when interacting with the council. We want to improve the choice of ways our residents can contact us. People will be able to get what they need from us in a simple and easy-to-use way.

Work with partners across all sectors to bridge the digital skills gap and provide alternatives to those residents that cannot transact with us online. We will focus on areas where digital poverty acts as a barrier for residents. Work with national and local partners on cross functional projects to reach more residents and strengthen the technology we use and services that we provide.

Develop a better understanding of our residents and businesses, using joined-up data that will allow us to better design services around the needs of them. These new services will drive efficiencies and digital transformation, increasing our transparency and public accountability. This will support us in making better decisions for our residents.

Have a happy and more efficient workforce who are equipped with all the technology they need to do their jobs safely and efficiently. Some of the work that they currently do will be delivered digitally which will mean they are able to focus on higher-value tasks.

Create modern, secure and integrated solutions infrastructure with systems that all talk to each other. This will simplify things for residents and ensure that staff are able to see the relevant information that they need.

How will we achieve this?

We want to use the most suitable technology to provide easy-to-use digital services that will improve the service to all of our residents no matter how they want to transact with us. We will achieve this through five strands of work:

  1. Residents and local businesses first.
  2. Collaborate with partner groups to improve digital skills and inclusion. 
  3. Make better use of data.
  4. Give staff the tools and skills needed to carry out their jobs safely, effectively and efficiently. 
  5. Create modern, secure and integrated solutions and infrastructure.