Assistant Director of Finance and IT

This post is vacant and for an interim period of time for one year from August 2022 there are three Service Leads in place as follows:

Customers, Revenues and Benefits - Peter Budden

Revenues and Benefits responsibilities:

  • Administration of council tax.
  • Business rates.
  • Housing and council tax benefit, including responsibility for the investigation and prosecution of benefit fraud.

Finance - Lee Foreman

Accountancy responsibilities:

  • Preparation of the council’s annual budget.
  • Final accounts.
  • Budget monitoring.
  • Medium term financial planning.
  • Treasury management.
  • Financial advice to councillors, management and services.

Exchequer responsibilities:

  • Payment of all sums due from the council.
  • Accounting for all money received.
  • Collection and recovery of all miscellaneous debts due.

Fraud responsibilities:

  • Prevention, investigation and detection of financial irregularity, avoidance, evasion and fraud.
  • Promoting an anti-fraud and corruption culture. This is achieved through awareness, training and risk management.

Procurement and Contract Management responsibilities:

  • Provide comprehensive and expert procurement and contract advice and support to managers and officers across the whole council in order to maximize on-going efficiencies and savings.

IT and Digital - Robin Jones

IT responsibilities:

  • Systems development.
  • Technical support and telephony.
  • IT procurement and contract management.
  • IT project management.
  • GIS mapping.


  • Digital transformation.
  • Efficiency-saving solutions.
  • Website.