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Assistant Director of Finance and IT


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The Head of Finance and IT is responsible for accountancy, exchequer, fraud, IT, procurement and revenues and benefits.

Accountancy responsibilities:

  • Preparation of the council’s annual budget.
  • Final accounts.
  • Budget monitoring.
  • Medium term financial planning.
  • Treasury management.
  • Financial advice to councillors, management and services.

Exchequer responsibilities:

  • Payment of all sums due from the council.
  • Accounting for all money received.
  • Collection and recovery of all miscellaneous debts due.

Fraud responsibilities:

  • Prevention, investigation and detection of financial irregularity, avoidance, evasion and fraud.
  • Promoting an anti-fraud and corruption culture. This is achieved through awareness, training and risk management.

Revenues and Benefits responsibilities:

  • Administration of council tax.
  • Business rates.
  • Housing and council tax benefit, including responsibility for the investigation and prosecution of benefit fraud.

IT responsibilities:

  • Systems development.
  • Technical support and telephony.
  • IT procurement and contract management.
  • IT project management.
  • GIS mapping.

Procurement and Contract Management responsibilities:

  • Provide comprehensive and expert procurement and contract advice and support to managers and officers across the whole council in order to maximize on-going efficiencies and savings.

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