Ways Of Voting

Postal voting

You must be registered to vote to apply for a postal vote. You can apply for a postal vote for one election only or you can opt to vote by post at all elections. Download a postal vote application form.

Postal votes are sent out around two weeks before polling day. They will be sent via first class post. You can apply for a proxy vote instead if you are worried that you may not have time to receive and return your postal vote.

If you have queries about a postal vote which you have already received please telephone 01233 330402.

Proxy voting

Proxy voting enables someone else, who is also a registered voter, to vote on your behalf. They will need to vote at your polling station or apply to cast your vote by post.

If you are registered to vote then you can apply for a proxy vote for one election, for instance if you are on holiday. If you would like to have a proxy vote permanently you will need to provide a reason and supporting evidence. Download a proxy vote application form.

Please visit Your Vote Matters for more details of who may qualify for proxy voting.

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