The Mayor of Ashford is the borough's first citizen. He/she is elected for a year's term of office at the annual meeting of the council in May.

The Mayor of the Borough of Ashford for 2018/19 is Councillor Mrs Jessamy Blanford, who represents the Ashford Borough Ward of Great Chart with Singleton North.

The Deputy Mayor for 2018/19 is Councillor Mrs Jenny Webb, who represents the Ashford Borough Ward of Norman.

Mayoral responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Mayor include:

  • To chair meetings of the full council
  • To uphold and promote the purposes of the constitution
  • To host a number of civic events
  • To represent the borough at ceremonial occasions
  • To attend a wide range of events and presentations to which he/she is invited

For more information on the Mayor's badge and chain of office please visit our Borough Regalia.

The Mayor's charity

This year the Mayor's charity is in aid of Kent Wildlife Trust and the Paula Carr Trust.

Donations should be made payable to "The Mayor's charity fund".

If you are interested in supporting the Mayor’s charity please contact the Mayor's personal assistant.

To request the Mayor to attend an event

Please complete the online Mayoral Invitation Form by clicking on the following link:

Mayoral Invitation Form

The Civic Engagement Officer or an officer from the Members’ Services Team will be in contact with you regarding your invitation.  If the engagement is agreed, relevant information should be sent to the Mayor’s Parlour at least two weeks before the event.


Telephone: 01233 330317

or write to:

Mayor's Parlour
Civic Centre
Tannery Lane
Kent TN23 1PL


The Mayor always has precedence in Ashford borough, except in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen or her representative.

  • Please designate a person to be on hand to meet the Mayor on arrival and to introduce him/her to the host or the assembled company
  • When the Mayor enters or leaves, it is customary for those present to rise
  • Unless the Mayor is chairing the meeting, he/she should be seated on the chairman's immediate right and, except for an introduction, it is usual for the Mayor to be the first speaker
  • The formal announcement of the Mayor is "The Worshipful the Mayor of Ashford"
  • Please address the Mayor as "Mr Mayor/Madam Mayor" and the Mayoress/Mayor's consort as "Mayoress/Mayor's consort"