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Disabled Adaptations

If you are registered disabled, or could be, and are a tenant of Ashford Borough Council housing, we want to ensure that your housing meets your needs which may mean that adaptations are required to your property.

If you would like to apply for adaptations, in the first instance you should contact an occupational therapist who would need to support your request to ensure that any major adaptations fully meet your needs.

You can contact an occupational therapist via the Kent Assessment and Enabling team on 03000 416161.

Alternatively, you can send your details to Ashford&CanterburyARMS@kent.gov.uk.

We will consider all requests for adaptations that we receive from your occupational therapist and we will make a decision about whether we can accept or refuse it within 28 working days of receipt. If we need further information to support your application we will let you know.

If we refuse a request we will advise you of the reasons why and you will have an opportunity to appeal that decision. If we are not able to adapt your current accommodation, we will help you to find other, suitable accommodation.

You may also make a request for minor adaptations to your property from:

Occupational Therapists Based at Hospitals

Kent Association for the Blind

Deaf Services